About Us

The founder of Mud Masters Inc and DONE General Contractors, Paul J. Reardon, has been involved in making real-estate better since 1986 when he began learning the trade of framing houses and installing drywall. A decade later, in 1995-1998, he teamed up with Regal Homes in Albuquerque, NM and built custom Spanish style homes in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains and west petro cliffs before coming to California.

Regal Homes was a great opportunity to learn all facets of custom home construction.

Bud Regal was a well seasoned builder with almost 40 years of general construction knowledge who took Paul under his wing and taught him everything about building a house from the ground up. In 1998 Paul moved to California looking to get a piece of the real-estate boom and took a job with ERI one of the premier environmental remediation companies, who at that time were involved in retrofitting gas stations for Tosco (76 Oil) and Exxon/Mobil. This was part of an endowment program mandated by the President to change steel under ground storage tanks (UST’s), into double wall fiberglass UST’s, as a prevention from leaking fuel into ground water tables. The environmental clean up business was a great opportunity to see the commercial side of construction and learn many trades like concrete finishing, soil engineering, pipe fitting, soldering, welding, heavy equipment and commercial development. 

For the next several years Paul spent most of his time working in general construction and going to school to learn real estate law and economics and then in 2004 he started working with Safeguard Real Estate Investments and quickly became their No. 1 real-estate investment consultant and was promoted to Director of Business Development.

Due to his vast knowledge of both construction and real-estate economy he was a top producer by educating investors on the right way of repairing a property to maximize your investment potential and minimize your risk (financial output).

Not just a top sales producer he helped educate other consultants and helped dozens of investors by recognizing intrinsic values in real estate and locating heavily differed properties, analyzing their highest and best use, then building them out for resale. While most people were watching this on TV, Paul was helping investors make millions in real life with commercial and multi family residential buildings. In 2007 during one of the most prolific real-estate crashes in history, investors began to freeze spending to “wait out the fall”. Paul went back into his trade of construction and founded Mud Masters Construction Services which specialized in drywall and painting. It didn’t take long for Mud Masters Inc. to explode as the referrals kept growing. 

In 2010 Mud Masters Inc brought in a licensed SEO to help with the growth of the company and then in that same year they were hired to build out a detox center for Morningside recovery.

This particular challenge was the key to the development of DONE General Contractors.

The project was to build out and renovate the Detox center in ONE WEEK for the high profile guest, Lindsay Lohan, when she was ordered to complete a 90 day program back in July of 2010. On Monday morning we walked the job and by 12:00 noon we had a crew of 17 workers building out the 4000 square foot center. The task included a kitchen, two bathrooms, new floors, new paint (inside and out), second floor deck walls and staircase rebuilt to 6’5”, a perimeter fence to keep paparazzi out, security system, new exterior lighting, concrete pathways and landscaping.

The completion was finished by that Friday night, just 4 ½ days from start to finish, 900 man hours, and on Saturday morning we completed the walk through and staged all new furniture in preparation for Miss. Lohans treatment.

In 2012 Mud Masters Inc obtained its own license number and added the Name DONE General Contractors. Having been so much more than a drywall and painting contractor after completing 57 bathroom remodels, 25 kitchens, 21 house flips, 12 room additions and now we are design, planning and building custom homes, it only makes sense to become something more. We have not advertised in 4 years as we have been working strictly off of word of mouth and referrals, so as we continue into our next chapter we plan on setting the bar for excellence in Southern California and becoming the best by doing business with class, integrity, professionalism and doing what most contractors don’t do…get the job DONE on time and DONE right the first time! In Paul J.

Reardon’s own words, “I will never let any of my sub-contractors or workers ever cut a corner to save the bottom line or do it because its easier. I believe that every job should be DONE right not matter if someone can see it or not!”