New Construction

Room Additions

Add on to existing Homes
  • From design and engineering stage to working with the city building commission we can maximize your growing families need for space and build out your addition with seamless transitions as if it was always there

  • 2nd floor additions to older homes used to be impossible without tearing down the old due to inadequate engineering and load support.  Ask us about out revolutionary floating 2nd floor engineering and add the space you need with out the high price tag of tearing down.

New Custom Homes

Tear Downs to New House
  • Done General Contractors has a team of licensed professionals with the expertise to analyze and determine what gentrification your neighborhood has undergone, whereby using this data as an advisory committee to help you determine exactly what size and type of home would be a good investment to tear down the old and build a brand new custom home.

  • We also have team members that are experts in the field of Interior and Exterior Design that can turn your new home into the neighborhood show piece all the while maximizing your budget to your taste.  

House Flipping

  • Our real-estate investment team can walk you through the process from acquisition to completion in 30 days or less.  Your investment property will be back on the market in a blink of an eye.  One of the biggest killers to an investment deal is time. The reason investors use our services is simple, we know that a property doesn’t make you money sitting under construction.  You need that property back on the market in 30 days or less, that is why we have devoted our efforts becoming known in the industry for getting the job DONE RIGHT AND DONE ON TIME! 

New Purchases

  • Sometimes when we buy an older home it needs to be brought back up to new building standards or just needs a personal touch.  We are specialists in getting your new home cleaned up, up to code and ready to move in so you are not sitting in limbo with no where to go.  We have seen and heard the horror stories of selling and transitioning from one home to another and getting stuck with no place to go.  DONE general contractors is devoted to getting your job DONE RIGHT AND DONE ON TIME so you can move in with a smooth transition making buying a new home an enjoyable experience.